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Criolo – 2012 Discovered Artist of the Year :"Brazil is Rich, but the People are Suffering too much Still"

Hélios Molina - Translation Amélie Lacroix june 23rd- 2012

Before his performance in Paris, the 2012 discovered artist, Criolo, grants MicMag a unique interview where he confesses about politics, the Brazilian buzz and his growing popularity. With his voice suave and open-hearted lyrics, Criolo is much more than an urban poet.

 Exclusive MicMag Interview

Micmag : How do you picture/see Paris?

Criolo : I would have to live in this country to get to know it better. I know people here are politicized; it’s the core of global cultural diversity. People love Paris; they love to talk to it. And Paris loves to talk with the world.

 M: Do your compositions/writings hold a political message?

C: From the moment we try to communicate, I think it’s already a political act. And my music holds this intention too.

M : Is that message positive or negative?

C: The idea is to show how much the human being has strength, is gifted of an energy which can help him get positive results out of any situation…My songs value the mankind, life.

"We are talking about a country the size of a continent and the surroundings are in a peak"

M: In some of your video clips, the end is quite obscure. Can we conclude that you have a pessimist or realistic view about the violence going on in Brazil?

C: I believe I am realistic; if I were pessimist I would definitely not be talking as much about love. If it weren’t for that I would be in distress, because the only sure thing in life is death!

M : In Europe, economists say that Brazil is having a growth rate it has never had before. Do you think this is good news?

C : If it means greater development then yes it is always a good thing. But we are talking about a country the size of a continent and the surroundings are in a peak, where many new ideas and ways to shape the citizen’s everyday life are emerging. It’s a sign that many innovations are put forward but at a very low pace.

M : Brazil is now the sixth world-power, however, it is affected by severe social issues still. How does it stand then? As a rich country? Poor?

C : I think the country is living a particular moment in history. But the current accounts, numbers, rankings, equations, I cannot understand them. How can there be so much suffering in a country like Greece, the birthplace of democracy? So many youth fighting for better days and yet so much pain. Brazil is a country rich in natural resources, culture, and yet the people are tormented. I feel powerless in front of this reality and totally unable to talk about these issues since I do not have the data in hand and these analysis are so far from the population!

"I am really happy of this artistic acknowledgement, but I am aware that all in life is temporary"

M : Criolo, how do you live this fast success you are facing? Has your daily life changed a lot?

C : I keep living the way I used to. I go to my roda de samba, back to my own joys, staying at my house in Grajau (suburb of Sao Paulo) with my parents and my 4 years old nephew. Also, the joy to be able to share moments with Dj Dan Dan Dan who has been with me for 15 years. What has changed the most is my work agenda. I am really happy of this artistic acknowledgement, but I am aware that all in life is temporary. That hasn’t changed anything of the importance to spend time with my lifelong friends.

M : What was your first disenchantment?

C: Realizing how mediocre I am.

M : Would you say your music is more rap than funk? How do you categorize it? Funk, afro beat, rap?

C : For each genre and perspective, it manifests itself differently. It can go from samba to carimbo to rap; which is my source, my pride.

Interview Hélios Molina - Translation Améiie Lacroix (Canada) 

See all the interview in portuguese

Criolo, a first concert in France at Cabaret sauvage, Paris on July 3rd.

MicMag is partner.

Criolo was recipient of various awards in 2012, the equivalent of the French «Victoires de la musique» (Best Disc/CD Award, Best Singer and Revelation/Discovery Award).

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